tcsl - Tactical Carry System - HUDSON TCS-L


Custom Made Kydex Tactical Holster for Your Light equipped pistol. 2 in 1 Holster

Converts to OWB and IWB with all hardware included

Please note: If you have modified a factory light key, you will need to send us the key in order for a holster to be made. Thanks.

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Tactical Kydex Holster System - For Light Equipped Pistols TCSL

Our signature holster is the Outside the Waistband tactical carrier system. Building on military experiences we designed the ultimate OWB holster. We also thought of IWB concealment and include a kit to make the TCS into an Inside the Waistband holster. Our tactical kydex holster is unique from idea to execution.

Tactical Pistol Retention 

When working with weaponry in less than ideal environments you learn that seconds matter. And a bulky holster that doesn't hold your pistol well can cost you precious seconds. We re-thought the tactical carrier system to stay tight, whether worn IWB or OWB. 

Breaking the Kydex Mold

We designed the unique curve of the TCSL holster to obey a 90/10 philosophy. The curve puts 10% of the pistol on the inside of the curve, and 90% on the outside. By embracing the curve of the human body, our holster sits tighter to the body for better comfort. With the holster tighter, it also reduces the print of your gun for better concealment.

Better Materials Build a Longer Lasting Holster

We use only the highest quality Kydex to make our TCSL, which gives this holster its lightweight. We produce these holsters from .08 thickness kydex which has great retention without bulk.

Custom Options for Your Holster

We offer you a wide range of options that make your TCSL fit whatever carry style you need. Whether you shoot right or left handed, wear thick or thin belts, or Run a threaded barrel the TCSL will adapt. We can even customize your holster for optics like the RMR, or DeltaPoint.

And that's not counting the huge selection of colors.


$7 to the continental US


Based in Gilberts, Illinois