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The Scabbard FCS (Fast Carry System) - When Customization Counts

The Scabbard FCS is made to be modern, rugged, modular, and fast. Made from tough, precision-formed Kydex, the FCS features adjustable retention using screws along the edge of the holster. Every Scabbard FCS holster is made to accommodate various pistol attachments such as threaded barrels, compensators, and slide-mounted optics.

Made To Accommodate Popular Belt Attachments

What sets the Scabbard FCS appart from the competition is the modular mounting system on the back of the holster. This allows for a variety of mounting options, from universal belt loops to Safariland's QLS system! For example - use a standard belt loop attachment for more everyday, concealed-carry sitations. For more tactical scenarios equip the Scabbard with offset mounts, leg rigs, and paddles. The choice is yours. The FCS is compatible with accessories from Blackhawk, Bladetech, G-Code, Safariland, and others making it one of the most versatile holsters on the market.